Category: THEORIES

Look into the part of my brain that won’t let me go to sleep at night. These are some of the theories that I have come up with after thinking about some of my favorite topics, movies, tv shows, and games.

Which Fight Scene is Better: The Winter Soldier v. Captain America OR Batman v. Superman?

The filmmakers made sure that when it came time for us to meet the Winter Soldier face to face, we would be shitting our pants. WHO THE FUCK RIPS OUT A WHOLE ENTIRE STEERING WHEEL! A STEERING WHEEL!

A$AP Rocky Cries for Help!!

A$AP Rocky is trying to tell us that his life is not something to glamorize. It can make life dull...


Star Wars: The Last Jedi was probably the most anticipated film of the year. And with such a wide fan base they expected to make massive amounts of money and reach audiences from all over the world. With such a large audience, Star Wars would be the perfect platform to talk about politics and different ...


After 5 years of announcing, where is our Portal and Half-Life film? Who will be our savior?