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The movie is aware that 14 years have gone by since the last movie. A lot of the things that are discussed in this film applies to our world today specifically.


This movie felt kind of like a really long episode of Black Mirror. At first, watching the film I felt like it was going to be a very generic Sci-Fi film. It's just a guy trying to find his wife's killer set in the future. And I couldn't stop thinking about how they couldn't hire Tom Hardy so they got a look alike. I changed my mind about that though after we met STEM.

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) REVIEW

I feel like the people that make the trailers for the Old Republic Video games need to step in and take over this whole Cinematic Universe business.


As I was watching IF everything that was going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was all making sense. It made me grateful for the fact that Marvel has been taking their time for 10 years to put together a story that changed cinema forever

The Jim Halpert Movie (A Quiet Place) Review

Up until now I never knew the title of this film. I kept on forgetting because this whole time I was calling it “The Jim Halpert Movie”.I also had no idea that John Krasinski directed and produced this! I was so proud seeing his name at the end of the film. The cooler thing about ...


James Halliday could have easily been this overconfident, asshole, generic cut and paste billionaire. Instead, Spielberg decides it would be a better idea to get him to be awkward around people, especially around women. He also decides that we're going to have him speak slowly and slouch when he walks (showing he is naturally an introvert).

Red Sparrow?

This movie felt fucking long as hell! The runtime was 2h 21m while one of my favorite movies, Fight Club (1999) was 2h 31m meaning that Red Sparrow might have just been drawn out and boring? I DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS MOVIE! Red Sparrow directed by Francis Lawrence (Director of the last 3 'Hunger ...

The First Movie to Give me a Nightmare Since I was 7 (YOU MUST WATCH ‘ANNIHILATION’)

Now there is this tall slender black metal no face looking creature just standing there looking at Natalie. I’ll tell you right now if that was real life I would have shit myself! I would cry, pee, and shit all at the same time. That had to be the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life.


All I know is that one summer I was assigned this boring ass book to read. I was at my cousin's house and I was just trying to get my summer reading done. I never ended up finishing it but I knew the book was boring because I finished 5 other books that summer. So ...

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark Review

There is something about movies from the 80's that is just so pure. Raiders of the Lost Ark is definitely one of them...