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Come with me on the behind the scenes on my filmmaking journey. Here I document all of my tips, tricks, and experiences working on set for films that I am a part of.

How to Fix Error Compiling Movie in Premiere

You just finished a fire video, you tell your client that the video is on the way and they’re going to love it. Then, 85% into the export it crashes and premiere says Error Compiling Movie. I am going to give you a handful of solutions on How to Fix the Error Compiling Movie warning in Premiere.


How to Create Glowing Slurp Juice from FORTNITE in After Effects

This effect was inspired by the video game FORTNITE. I met an artist that made a song inspired by the game so he wanted his music video to have a vibe similar to the video game so we stuck to pink, purple, and blue for the lighting of the whole thing. Then, there is this drink in the game called “Slurp Juice” and when you are hurt it regenerates your health for you.

How To Make Your Video “Trippy”

I’ve never done drugs before but from how people talk it sounds as though they see things in bright vibrant colors and slowed down when they are high. Before I create the video I look for references and inspiration. A reference/influence that I use when I am going to make a trippy video is looking is the scene from “Vertigo” where he is in a bad dream.