Which Fight Scene is Better: The Winter Soldier v. Captain America OR Batman v. Superman?

The filmmakers made sure that when it came time for us to meet the Winter Soldier face to face, we would be shitting our pants. WHO THE FUCK RIPS OUT A WHOLE ENTIRE STEERING WHEEL! A STEERING WHEEL!


How To Make Your Video “Trippy”

I’ve never done drugs before but from how people talk it sounds as though they see things in bright vibrant colors and slowed down when they are high. Before I create the video I look for references and inspiration. A reference/influence that I use when I am going to make a trippy video is looking is the scene from “Vertigo” where he is in a bad dream.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi was probably the most anticipated film of the year. And with such a wide fan base they expected to make massive amounts of money and reach audiences from all over the world. With such a large audience, Star Wars would be the perfect platform to talk about politics and different […]


It kind of sucks that movies come out, people talk about it for a while then it dies but doesn’t die. When La La Land (2016) came out I didn’t want to watch it. Too many people were talking about it, they weren’t saying anything bad, however. But that is why I didn’t go watch it in […]

My First Time Using a GlideCam (How to Really Set Up a GlideCam)

What separates your film aside from everyone else’s? I used to think it was my camera (which it still kinda is), or lights (which it still very much is). Never mind, what I mean is what is ONE of the things that separates your films from everyone else’s? Movement. Camera movement is so important and […]