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Create Rifts from FORTNITE in After Effects

I’m going to show you how your can EASILY create rifts from FORTNITE in Adobe After Effects. If you want to see the video that I am about to break down CLICK HERE!

This started off as a simple visual effects test but then I posted it to my Instagram. A lot of people started to give it attention. BTW, Follow me on INSTAGRAM @TheCinematicHitman for BTS on all of my projects and experiments. All I wanted to really do was integrate a CG car into a real life scene. I had been playing so much Fortnite this past weekend. Everything around me made me feel like I was in a battle royal.

I’ve created a Fortnite related post (CLICK HERE) about how to create glowing Slurp Juice in After Effects. After the game’s update (Season 5) “portals” or “rifts” began to show up all across the map. This next part is for my non Fortniters:

What’s A Fortnite Rift?

Basically you walk up to this rift that’s just floating there on the ground. When you walk into it you teleport into the sky and you get spit out from a much larger rift as you get This is what a Rift from Fortnite looks likesent freefalling.

I was playing Fortnite one day when I realized I could probably recreate that effect in After Effects. Then I thought, I can probably get a car to go through it and spit it out in the sky. Now that I had an idea, it was time to shoot. This is how you create rifts from FORTNITE in Adobe After Effects:

How To Create The Rift

At first I used my iPhone but when I brought it back to be edited I couldn’t track the camera! There was so much motion blur and very little contrast with lots of noise. I had to scrap the iPhone shot and use my DSLR. This time I used a higher shutter speed.

In After Effects I separated the 30 second video clip into three sections. You guys might be able to see what I’m talking about (the video is in 3 parts).

After that it was all about designing the rift. I had a couple of images that would help me come up with how I wanted it to look. This entire effect can easily be done with no third party plug ins. But if you wanted to it would be possible.

What a Fortnite rift Video Game looks like vs The Fortnite Rift I created in After Effects with live action footage
Fortnite rift Video Game vs Real Life footage created in After Effects

The Base of the Fortnite Rift that I created in After Effects

I chose to create the base of my rift with “Advanced Lightning” and just toyed around with the settings. Once that was done I just wanted to get a little fancy so I threw in some particles simulations and a little bit of glows, once again no need for any third party plugins.

I didn’t choose a good day to shoot these clips and so when I composited my rift against the sky it was nothing impressive. I did a quick Google search and decided I will just composite stars into the video too. It added a nice extra touch to the video.

Tracking the Footage

Moving onto the second part of the video, this was the part that took the most work. I wanted to make sure that this part looked real. I made sure light was in all of the right places.

The most difficult part of compositing the small rift was determining where in 3D space to place it. Just because It looked good to the eye didn’t mean that it was going to stick to the scene. So the following is a 3D motion tracking tip:

If you are going to make a camera track, create a null that will stick exactly to the place that you want it. Once you get those X, Y, and Z coordinates write those down on a piece 3D Tracking data I can use to place down the Fortnite Riftof paper. Use this data later to place your object in the correct 3D space.

The Rift was created with a Fractal Noise layer and glows were applied to it to help it stand out. Keeping with the theme of the rifts in the sky I added Advanced Lightning to the small rift also.

After that, really fast I animated a car moving from left to right in 3Ds Max. I didn’t add any lighting or textures to the car because it was on screen for a few frames. The render times would have skyrocketed because my graphics card is currently acting up.

Back in After Effects I added blur, some lights 3D Model of the Car that goes through the Live Action Sky Riftand then masked out the front of the car.

I masked the front frame by frame so it appears to look like it’s going through the portal.

Creating the Sky Rift

The third and last part of the video was simple. I did all the hard work so it was the same steps as the first part of the video. I had to design my Sky Rift, the only difference was that this time a car was falling from it.

In 3Ds Max I animated the same car model flipping in 3D space and just composited that into After Effects.

Also even all of the lens flares used in this video was 100% no third party plug in.


And that’s how you create rifts from FORTNITE in Adobe After Effects. If you haven’t already subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram. I will no longer be doing movie reviews since you guys tend to respond more to my Filmmaking related posts! Looking forward to seeing you guys in the future!


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