YES! That’s all I have to say. And I’m not about to be one of those people that are like,

“I waited 14 years for this sequel, OMG!” no I didn’t. I watched it 14 years ago. After the second year, I stopped waiting for a sequel and didn’t care about it (The countdown for Spiderman 3 had begun and that is all little me cared about). But, I was excited enough to watch Incredibles 2 on the day it came out! I felt like a child all over again. I’m glad that they didn’t rush the film.

Incredibles 2 was directed by Brad Bird, the same guy that made the first Incredibles (2004) and Tomorrowland (2015). Right off the bat, I loved how the film started off where the last movie left off. Bird could have easily done a time jump but they didn’t. It was also very clever how they started it off to, it was a motivated by using Violet’s crush from the last movie as the driving force of what happened while slowly easing us into the action. It not only shows us how much the kids are dying to help out their parents but it also sets up Mr. Incredible’s story arc of learning how to slow down on being in control of every situation.

I loved the characters in the film and how everyone was pushed to learn something new. Both Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl went through the most character development while I think Dash and Violet went through the least. But Jack-Jack, he was just hilarious. His powers are way too OP and the fact that he was giving his father a hard time added so much humor to the movie.



The movie is also obviously aware that 14 years have gone by since the last movie. A lot of the things that are discussed in this film applies to our world today specifically. For example representation on the screen among women and other Races, Genders, and Sexual Orientation. Not saying that there was no such thing as representation in 2004 but in 2018 we let it be known that all types of people need to be seen on the big screen. They show how much impact representation can have through the new character Voyd. She says that she only felt comfortable coming out as a Super Hero after she saw Elastigirl on television doing her thing.

Incredibles 2 also lets it be obvious that they are aware of the times through the main protagonist: The ScreenSlaver. That’s not really an antogonist that would have that much cultural depth if this sequal was released a year later in 2005. Facebook would have only just begun, Instagram wasnt even a thought yet, and YouTube would have only JUST STARTED as a dating website. The film is aware that it is in 2018 and that all of these issue are here now and will only be getting worse.

I was able to understand where the Screen Slaver was coming from. Through the events of the antagonist’s life, it gave Screen Slaver a point of view of the world that other people would not fully want to understand, and that’s being held accountable for your Image result for batman v superman if god is all powerful gifown actions and that you are responsible for what happens in your life, nobody else. And if you want to take an even closer look at it Screen Slaver could be giving us her commentary on how she feels about organized religions around the world. Screen Slaver is basically just like Lex Luthor. Instead of waiting for Superman to save us, Let’s save ourselves first.

Then there’s that whole thing about us living through other people by watching them on our screens. She says that we lack the human experience because we are afraid to go outside. All of these ideas a really heavy for a child’s film which once again adds to how self-aware it is. The filmmakers know that a large majority of their audience is going to be the kids that grew up with the first Incredibles film 14 years ago. All of this stuff pertains to us.

My only real problem with the film was that I was able to see the Antagonist plot twist 45 minutes into the movie. The devil was all over the details. But overall I think this film was “worth the wait”. It also adds a lot of value, after watching the film we can definitely take something away from it whether it’s about being confident enough in your manhood to let your wife work while you stay home with the kids or how we are being brainwashed through social media. I give the movie a 9/10!



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