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I had no idea what this movie was when I walked in. My boy just said, “You wanna watch Upgrade?” so I was like, “Sure, I’ve got MoviePass anyways.” This film actually ended making more money than SOLO (2018) on the weekend that this movie came out!

A quick summary of the film: After going to a business meeting with his wife they get into an accident that brings them to Grey’s childhood town. Here a group of guys kill his wife and shoot him in the back making him paralyzed from the neck down. So, for the entire film, Grey is on a lookout to find the person that killed his wife.

Now his wife is dead and he is paralyzed, I 100% was able to feel his frustration. Especially in a world where there was technology everywhere but they can’t even use it to solve the crimes that it was put in place to stop in the first place.

Not gonna lie though, this movie felt kind of like a really long episode of Black Mirror. At

Tom Hardies
Logan Marshall-Green and Tom Hardy

first, watching the film I felt like it was going to be a very generic Sci-Fi film. It’s just a guy trying to find his wife’s killer set in the future. And I couldn’t stop thinking about how they couldn’t hire Tom Hardy so they got a look alike.


I changed my mind about that though after we met STEM. That thing literally changed the course of the movie. His interaction with Grey made me think about how great it would be to have something like that take over your body with your permission. THIS WAS THE MOST GORE I’VE SEEN FROM A MOVIE IN SUCH A LONG TIME! Automatically being able to know how to fight and predict people movements. That scene where he makes his first kill was CRAZY! In the fight scenes, I love how STEM was personified through a robotic camera arm. The camera followed the movements of Grey under the

Image result for bolt camera rig gif
Robotic Camera Arm

influence of STEM showing he is not in control.

In a lot of ways, this movie reminds me of Ex-Machina (2015) because of the way that we just get so attached to the AI. The movie caught me off guard with not just one plot twist but 3 plot twists! My head was starting to explode and just thinking about the ending frustrated me because the good guy doesn’t always win! Upgrade was honestly not that bad of a film and I think it was some pretty solid Sci-Fi. Out of 10, I’m going to have to give UPGRADE a solid 7.5/10!


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