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Recreating the Kim Possible Intro (How to Add Subtext to Your Music Video)



Remember the TV Show Kim Possible? Anyone?

I recently shot a music video with the artist Johnny Watkins. The name of the song is called “What’s the Sitch”. That’s code for “Whats the situation” or “Whats up” from the cartoon Kim Possible. Immediately when he told me he wanted to make a music video for the song I thought let’s reference to the TV show in the music video. So that’s what we did.

We had him dress like a spy and added colors similar to the TV Show to add extra subtext to the music video. It was like a fun little Easter egg for anyone that noticed. But one of the most fun effects that I created came straight from the intro and I’m going to explain to you guys how I did it.

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First, I analyzed how in the hell I was going to recreate the intro of the TV Show. There is a duplicate of footage that slides up and down, then there are the moving lines in the kim-pbackground that are moving very fast. If I were to create a solid then mask it and animate it would take too long to get those lines to look random so instead, I used the plugin CC Particle World. I don’t have TRAPCODE Particular but PARTICLE WORLD works fine.

I made the Particles move super-fast and turned down the gravity a ton so that the particles would move up. They were super sharp so in order to get it to look like the TV show, all I had to do was turn on the motion blur. From there I could start creating the duplication effect. I made my footage its own composition that way if I changed anything all of the future duplicates would be impacted too. I duplicated them all and then from there created their frames using a green solid and masking it out to look “Techy”.

I animated the duplicate videos to slide up and down and then to save time I parented the Green Borders the clips. And then that’s it. From there it’s 100% up to you to add more or less to this effect. I think this effect worked so well in the video because it looked so different from all of the other shots. But moral of the story is subtext and Easter eggs are fun in your films. Everyone that saw the video was so excited when they saw the updated version of their favorite TV Show intro in a music video!

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