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Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) REVIEW

To start…

If you are not a fan of Star Wars, do not watch this movie.

So, Disney is trying to get Star Wars to get on their Marvel shit and just pop out movies every year. And at this point, they don’t even care what they put out, just as long as they can use Star Wars name to make some bank they’re game. Every year since 2015 we’ve been getting a new Star Wars movie. When we end up in a year where we are away from the main storyline we get movies like this one that adds nothing else to the universe but easy cash in Studio Execs pockets.



One of my issues with this film was that they were doing planet earth shit on other planets. Like when he was getting chased in his “car”. It did nothing for the movie but set up that his girlfriend doubts him and his abilities. There was nothing creative about this Image result for star wars old republic giffilm and I don’t know. I feel like the people that make the trailers for the Old Republic Video games need to step in and take over this whole Cinematic Universe business.

Anyways, the start of this film was just boring. I kept thinking to myslef, “Who the fuck is writing these lines?”

Han Solo goes up to a guy, “I want to join the army”

“What’s your name”


“Who are your people?”

“I dont have people, I’m Solo”

“So then I’ll just put your name down as Han Solo.” NO! WHAT’S YOUR LAST NAME! STOP BEING DRAMATIC!



After a while, I couldn’t just watch the movie and just accept it as its own piece of art (which I should be able to, but that’s a whole other topic). As the film went on I started to pull from the previous Star Wars movies and if anything this movie began to make me start thinking about my own life and the people around me.

Everything that Beckett told Han came true later on in his life. Not to get all crazy but we know how this character dies. We’ve followed this character for years and now we’re following his origin story. All the people that he started out with and how almost all of them do not even exist or at least end up stabbing him in the back (cough cough Lando). But this movie makes sense of all of that. I couldn’t stop thinking what if there is a way we could analyze our lives this way?

Anyways enough of that. I would not watch this movie again. I really have nothing to say about this movie except for the fact that we did not need it and it was very unnecessary. I have to give it a 6/10.



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