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Anyone that knows me knows that I am a straight up DC fan and that I tend to root for DC Movies more than Marvel. But anyone that also knows me knows that I am all about good storytelling first and so obviously I was going to go out and see Avengers Infinity War, regardless of my comic book company preference. I was actually super excited for this movie. So excited that I only decided to watch one trailer and no TV Spots so that I could just absorb the film (That’s been a thing that I’ve been doing lately).

This is the beginning of the end for the Avengers and I knew that people were going to be dropping spoilers left and right. So I watched it the Thursday that it came out. Its been about a week or two now since its release so I’m pretty sure I am in the clear if I want to talk spoilers. I didn’t want to contribute to spoiling the movie for people who haven’t seen it. Now I talk. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

As I was watching IF everything that was going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was all making sense. It made me grateful for the fact that Marvel has been taking their time for 10 years to put together a story that changed cinema forever (that’s a whole separate blog post). When we finally saw Thanos, I mean up close and personal and ready to kick ass we were not let down. He probably had one of the best introductions that were ever given to an Antagonist on screen.

We saw the way that he just beat the crap out of the Hulk like it was absolutely nothing. It showed us that he was definitely nothing to fuck with. I loved how he wasn’t afraid of killing anyone and how he addressed one of the biggest problems that I have with Marvel films, “No more coming back”. He literally snapped Loki’s neck like it was a twig and then just went on with his life. Marvel knows that all they do is “Kill” off characters only to have them come back. The only person that actually really died was QuickSilver. Thanos shows us early on that he gives no fucks about anyone that is going to stand in the way of him and those infinity stones. What made Thanos, even more, terrifying was the fact that he made people speak of him without them ever having to meet him. Everyone was looking for him despite never meeting him. This scare tactic worked so well that after Thanos spared the Hulks life, the Hulk decided he would never come back out again.


I might go out of my way and say that Thanos was the best comic book villain to ever appear on a screen and that he might have even been better than the joker. Think about all of the things that make a villain so great, Thanos fits all of those Categories.

He was Terrifying

Thanos made sure that he was feared throughout the universe. He let it be known that he was on a conquest to acquire all of the infinity stones and that he wasn’t going to let anyone get in his way (as I mentioned before). He believed in his vision so much that he was willing to sacrifice his “daughter” for his version of the greater good. The thought of giving up someone you love to acquire something that you want is a dark one, we see that Thanos has feeling and emotions. But he won’t let that get in the way of the mission. Like Bucky,Image result for youre my mission gif

“You’re my friend!”

“You’re my mission.”

He Pushed the Heros to their limits:

Another element of a great villain/antagonist is the fact that they push the hero to their limits. All of these heroes have never faced such a threat. Even Thor felt like he couldn’t do anything and so he had to go a whole entire separate Journey to grow stronger in order to face Thanos once again. It took a whole squad to almost kill Thanos but Peter Quill let his emotions get the best of him. The difference between Him and the heroes, he doesn’t let his emotions cloud his judgment. And that’s what makes him scary. He’s literally an intergalactic psychopath that cannot be stopped. In his eyes he is correct and he is doing the universe a favor by getting all of those stones.


Even though I did think this movie was great, I do not think that the movie was perfect. One of the biggest problems that I had was the relationship between Scarlet Witch and Vision. The relationship felt forced and it was only there to give us tension in the fact that vision was going to lose the mind stone. I felt like this whole thing would have been better if Vision and Scarlett either got their own movie or got more screen time. It reminded me of the relationship that Loius and Clark had by the time we got to Batman v. Superman.

When he finally tells Loius that she is his world it’s hard to believe because we don’t really get to see them show how much they love each other besides the bathtub scene. But back to Avengers, It’s the same thing. One scene and bed and boom, “I love you”. I understand this is the case because there are other issues in the movie to deal with but that’s just the other issue.

My major issue with this movie… are you ready? Is the fact that is not long enough! Yeah! That’s the problem. I don’t think its really the character development, or too much talking but the fact that there is not enough of it. Had the movie been an extra two hours Image result for popcorn eating gifor was a mini-series that we could buy one ticket for and return the next week to continue this would be hands down the best movie experience ever. And yeah I know that that’s why they split it into two parts but that is not enough! If Scarlett Witch had more time with Vision, Thanos with Gamora, Iron man with Pepper, we would have felt more for their situations. Yes, we got the point but there is a good opportunity in there to get us to sympathize with the characters to the max.


I am a vegan but the only thing that I could think of when I think of this movie is how Marvel made a juicy hamburger and used ALL parts of the cow. I loved the way that the characters that have never met each other just instantly made for an interesting story. Like how when Rocket gives Thor a new eye, it’s funny because we know Rocket loves to steal body parts. Peter represents the regular everyday guy that has to deal with the super buff guy flirting with his girlfriend, and MY FAVORITE: Iron man v. Dr. Strange. Two geniuses that can’t listen to each other because their egos are huge.

The acting from everyone was great but Tom Holland? That man almost made me cry. First of all, this is the first time ever you could say everyone dies at the end as a joke and it actually turns out to be a spoiler (Rogue One doesn’t count because nobody cares about that movie). While everyone is disappearing I’m shocked and my brain is just trying to understand what is happening. Then Spiderman, a kid that shouldn’t even have been there starts to disappear and he’s afraid for his life. I was in that theater ready to shed a tear. THANOS YOU FUCKING DICK YOU DISSERVE TO DIE!

Overall this movie is a solid 9/10. I loved it. I loved the balance of the characters (which I was concerned about), I loved the ride, I loved it all. This is now my number one favorite Marvel Movie. The Winter Soldier is now is second place and Black Panther in third. But I guess now we just have to wait for Avengers Infinity War Part Two to see whats going to happen next. And it makes me wonder what the fuck is the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp going to be like.




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