How To Make Slurp Juice in After Effects (Cool Glow Effect on Anything)

You guys seemed to really enjoy the “How to make your video trippy” post and all of the feedback was dope! I really want to thank you guys for reading! If you like what you’re reading be sure to follow my blog! Right now I’m waiting for After Effects to respond so I figured why not productively procrastinates on my super late Short Film by making a blog post.

Lately every time I edit I’ve started to record the screen when I’m creating something. After that, I will post it on Instagram (Follow me if you want to see some more of my work… click this whole thang). Usually, the editing process is overlooked and people don’t understand the gravity of how a 2-second shot can translate to 5 plus hours of a human editing. I noticed that people appreciate the work/craft more if they have an idea of what went in behind it.

I’m about to show you how you can make any liquid glow! Once again a client asked me if I could make a “Trippy” video so I came up with this “Trippy” glow effect. Just be ready Image result for fortnitefor a ton of Rotoscoping! A quick backstory, this effect was inspired by the video game FORTNITE. I met an artist that made a song inspired by the game so he wanted his music video to have a vibe similar to the video game so we stuck to pink, purple, and blue for the lighting of the whole thing. Then, there is this drink in the game called “Slurp Juice” and when you are hurt it regenerates your health for you.

At first, we were supposed to create something with practical lights, and then the artist forgot to buy LED lights. When he got to the set he had blue Gatorade and started pouring everything and asked me if there was a way to make the juice glow in post. I said yes not knowing if I could do it for real but… That’s what brings me here, how to create a glowing liquid! It’s actually quite simple.

Starting off, you need to make sure to duplicate your footage. We are going to completely destroy this footage. We’re going to apply a color key to the color of the liquid. Imagine that the liquid is a green screen. One thing that I did so that it’s easier for After Effects tomask pick up the color better is to increase the saturation of the liquid. After that, you want to set the key to a screen matte. If you did this right then the liquid should be completely white and everything should be black.

After all of that remove the black by changing the track matte layer to a Luma Matte. This should get rid of all of the black and there should be a white mask in the form of your liquid moving around. NOW WE STYLIZE! Change the opacity to “ADD” then add a glow to it. Then you should be done! From there it’s all about rotoscoping parts of the hand and body that you don’t want to glow.

I added extra lighting effects and glows to cover up some mistakes but after all of that, you should have a pretty cool effect that resembles the game a bit. The point of this is to use things in a more creative way then we would normally do things. Go crazy because this effect doesn’t only have to work for drinks! You can do it to the sky, someone’s eyes, sneakers, etc.

Message me if you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them for you. If you learned something new share this post with your filmmaker friends! Visit my Instagram (Its also the best way to get in contact with me) and follow the Blog! Thank you guys for reading! HAPPY EDITING!


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