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The last time I created a short film it was April of 2017. Not only was it not received well but we fell off of the face of the earth for a little while. I have been making music videos and stuff like that, but that’s not enough!

I made a video today! It was created so that I will be able to hold myself accountable. So, I will have this and writing and I’ll have a message of myself in video form saying,

“Hey, You said you’d create short films!”

This is a new YouTube show that I’m starting so things will be cross platforming, my blog to YouTube and YouTube to my blog! JUST A WHOLE LOTTA ADLER! I have tutorials, and I might even revisit “How to make a trippy music video”.

I thank you guys for watching the video and reading the blog posts. This one was small but I say most of what I have to say in the video.


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Owner, Founder, Director, Editor Producer of Kaylex Productions.
Full-Time freelance filmmaker from New Jersey.

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