I’m currently in the process of fixing up a new film studio. If you didn’t know I run a small production company called Kaylex Productions that has a talk show where we talk about films and comics and also creates short films. While we were setting up our equipment one of my friends turns to me and goes,

“OH SHIT ADLER! THROWBACK!!” Then from the speaker, A$AP ROCKY starts playing. The song “M’s”. That song fucking inspires me its crazy, the beat makes me go crazy and then when he starts listing all of the things he makes millions off of it makes me super hyped because I envision myself in the future with the stuff he’s listing. It’s my guilty pleasure song when I’m feeling super materialistic. I was listening to the song and I’m jumping around until I actually begin to focus on his lyrics.

I started to get just a little bit freaked out because I was no longer listening to a song that was motivating me to finish setting up the studio, what I heard/envisioned was a trapped soul stuck in a sphere. That soul was A$AP Rocky telling us about his depressions. The part of the song that I am talking about is when he says:

“It’s like lately I ain’t myself.
I’d rather hang myself before I play myself.
I tell her, ‘throw on the dress with the pinstripes’.
Know the one that fit the booty all skin tight, that’s right.”

To put it blunt the song is about how he’s not happy with his life. He expected more out of the life of becoming famous. Or he at least expected the life to be different. But since he doesn’t know how to safely cope with that and the death of his best friend he has to deal with it through distractions like getting high and using sex as an escape.

You might think that I am definitely over analyzing. But when I go on rap genius it actually agrees with my statement… to an extent. They acknowledge that A$ap Rocky is definitely depressed, but what they miss is the way that he is trying to cope with his depression. For the line:

I tell her, ‘throw on the dress with the pinstripes’.
Know the one that fit the booty all skin tight, that’s right.”

rap genius says it really means:

“Lord Flacko knows all about fashion. From GQ to Fashion Week, he has built up a reputation of dressing well. While you’d think it would be other way around, it makes sense for Rocky to assist his girl with her choice of clothing.

Girls will often dress in tight clothes when going out and like to pretend it’s to attract other men. In reality they want to stunt on every woman in the room.”

I think that’s opposite. He tells her to throw on the sexy clothes so that he can forget about his pain. It’s evident because as the song plays on he stops talking about the woman in the dress and says:

“But my neck is gold, the rest is froze
Sex and hoes, best of both, girls and girls, perpetual
Sippin’ slow, Texas throwed, comma, I’m about decimals”

He stops talking about the woman to mention more ways that he is trying to deal with his depression and that’s through shopping. Making himself feel better through gold chains and just being iced the fuck out. Getting his women to do shit that people only watch in porn is another way that he deals with his frustration, then just to top it off he wants to forget about everything by getting drunk. The only thing that really matters to him, what’s making him “happy” or at least “satisfied” is the money and all things material.

A$AP Rocky is not the only artist that uses his art to cry for help. Future is a big one!! Even though you don’t know what the fuck he is saying on the first time listening to his music he actually uses us as his own personal therapist.

I’m not trying to over analyze this song, and I’m not trying to be “deep” (whatever that is). I just want to point out that my man literally is telling us that he is depressed and the money isn’t enough.

This is my first time covering music as a standalone topic! WELCOME TO THE ADLERIAN PLANET WHERE I GET TO TALK ABOUT WHATEVER I WANT! *evil villain laugh with lighting in the background*


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