Star Wars: The Last Jedi was probably the most anticipated film of the year. And with such a wide fan base they expected to make massive amounts of money and reach audiences from all over the world. With such a large audience, Star Wars would be the perfect platform to talk about politics and different viewpoints of the world without offending too many people because this entire story takes place in, “A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY”.

I had to watch this movie twice in order for me to appreciate it. But on second viewing I started to peep subliminal messages. Aside from talking about “Live free, don’t join” and “good and bad is a matter of perspective” Star Wars was pushing on something else that I wasn’t going to expect and made me question something:

Is Chewbacca now a vegan?

Seriously, The movie was littered with subliminal vegan messages and one of them had to do with Chewbacca. Pure Hollywood brainwashing at it’s finest. Now before you click off and look for another one of my Theory posts I want you to at least stay and see where I saw all of these hidden messages and we can start with when Rey is chasing Luke around the Island to get him to train her.

  1. Luke and the Blue Milk


As Rey chases Luke around the Island there is a scene where Luke approaches a Thala-siren that is just chilling on the rocks. This thing is big and super ugly but what he does next causes a huge “EWW” reaction out of the audience members. Luke bends down and milks the Thala-siren. The milk squirts out blue in his bottle as he looks at Rey and drinks it showing her that he is satisfied with his beverage.

What makes the scene work is really the audience reaction and one of the main reasons why I like watching my movies in theaters (another theory for another day). The scene works because you see this big ugly creature spew out milk and watch this character that looks like me and you drink from that. That scene is basically showing how hypocritical as humans we can be. We can’t say “Ew” to the scene if we do the same exact thing to cows and goats every single day. The only difference is that we don’t really get to see the whole milking of an animal process.

  1. Chewbacca Makes New Friends


So this is when I had to ask myself if Chewbacca is now a vegan or at least a vegetarian. THE CUTE LITTLE PORGS!! They were adorable, even though they were only placed in the movies to sell more merchandise they also served a purpose: Show animal feelings are real. There is a scene where Chewie is sitting down getting ready to bite into his super juicy Porg. Just before he digs into his meal a group of Porgs look up at him wide-eyed and cute and begin to cry.

On first sitting, I thought this was because they were hungry and wanted some food too. But on second watching I noticed,

“Holy crap, they’re sad because Chewie was about to eat one of them.”

Chewie, of course, got defensive and tried to stand his ground by yelling at them. A flock of Porgs ended up leaving except for one. The camera focuses on how fearful the Porg is by slowly pushing into his big cute eyes. Chewie has enough of the cuteness and feels bad about getting ready to dig in. So he throws it away. This scene was trying to tell us that just because it doesn’t have a face doesn’t mean it did have solid emotions.

3. Space Horse Abuse


Sometimes if you walk around New York City you can find horses carrying people around a synthetic environment they were not built to live in. 

One day during a photo shoot I was doing in NYC I talked to a guy that took care of the horses that were used for transport and he was telling me all about how even though the horses are strong and capable they were not meant to walk on the concrete floors of NYC. He told me about how much it hurts the horses and how they have to design special shoes for these horses so that they can move around but even those hurt. We use the horses in NYC for human leisure and entertainment.

Similarly in Star Wars: The Last Jedi the Fathier’s are used for human leisure and entertainment. They race each other. But another thing that made these such powerful messages for veganism from an ethical standpoint was once again, the audience members. Watching the scene where they show the whip marks on the Faithers made the audience members go,

“Aw! That’s so sad” When once again. In reality, this stuff is happening all the time with horses of real life.

It’s cool that Star Wars uses the platform that it has to try to influence people to a certain mindset that can benefit the world. I’m a big believer in getting your message across without demonizing the other side because then you automatically lose. The person with turn their brains off to any ideas that you have because you are attacking them. 

In doing research I tried to find out if the writer/director of Star Wars, Rain Johnson was a vegan himself. But there was no such evidence. What I did find out though was that Daisy Ridley is a vegan. I mean, she had nothing to do with writing or directing but it’s an interesting thought. 

I’m a vegan myself and I have been for about 2 and a half years now and it’s cool to see this movie promoting it without offending anyone so that we are more likely to open up our minds.


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