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My Name Is…

While you read this I want you to imagine this as an intro to either Arrow or The Flash. Are you ready?

When I was born the last of my people sent me to planet Earth in hopes that I would grow up to live a normal life. I’m from the planet Adlerion, an alternate dimension Earth where everyone was a God. As a child, I felt a strong urge to tell stories and began to channel it through drawing and writing. At age 9 I wanted to be an author and illustrator creating novels and comics to express my new worlds to planet Earth. It wasn’t long until I realized it was the Adlerian gods inside of me that were guiding me. Looking to become a stronger artist I joined digital media in middle school where I was then introduced to photoshop. I thought I was getting the hang of it, that I was doing a good job. My teacher promised all of us prints of his favorite work that we created on the last day of school. When that day came around he handed a print to every single child in that classroom except for me. All of my friends around me received prints while I got nothing. When I asked him why, he looked me in my eyes and told me that my work wasn’t good enough. The little Adlerian was full of emotion. I cried for hours until I realized, I could just be better I and promised myself from that day forward that I would become the greatest artist that I was capable of becoming. I got home and immediately downloaded a photoshop free trial. I locked myself in a room for an entire summer and didn’t leave until I had created something so beautiful it would make him sorry he never printed my work. The following school year I did not join the class, I continued to teach myself.

At age 11 my Earth mother gave me a camera and from there I began to find a way to become stronger as a filmmaker and photographer.

My name is Adler house of Lafleur:

For 5 years I’ve been freelance filmmaking with one goal: survive! Along my journey, I’ve created a production company called Kaylex Productions with other gods from Earth that have become my allies. We create short films and host a show on YouTube and will one day create feature films. Last year I worked at the movie theaters until I got fired the day before the movie ‘Doctor Strange’ came out. That, along with freelance filmmaking, was the only way Kaylex Productions was staying afloat. I had been working at the movie theaters since I was 16, got let go at 18 and now I’m 19. I’m not going to lie since then its been really hard making money as just a freelancer. Working at that job finally allowed me to buy a new camera (The Canon Rebel T6i with a stock and 75-300mm lens) and create a website. I remember how hard it was to make money before the job too. Before I started working at the theater I would sell Airheads in school to save up and make DIY shoulder rigs, boom poles, etc. I was freelance filmmaking but no one felt comfortable paying a 15-year-old with gear that had peeling black paint all over it.

I love talking about films and filmmaking and I don’t really get to speak to too many people about it. Which is one of the main reasons why my allies and I have our show (Check it out already) and I’m starting this blog. Aside from my small group of allies I know there are more Gods on planet Earth who love comics and movies so this is my quest to find them. This is also a way for me to grow as a filmmaker where I can hopefully meet more of you and we can help each other along the way.

I still run Kaylex full-time but it’s been hard because of the lack of money coming in. One of the things I hate most about being an entrepreneur/filmmaker is the simple fact that no one really talks about their struggles until they’ve made it. Well, welcome to my blog where if I’m struggling you just might see it and hopefully future You and I can learn from this.

Actually, that last statement wasn’t accurate people do talk about their struggles, Robert Rodriguez went through hell filming ‘El Mariachi’ then published a book, so scratch that. This blog is my version of ‘Rebel without a crew’. This process has been fun though, so why not document that? This blog is an attempt to merge everything together such as posting my short films and side freelance projects to my thoughts and ideas, like Jim and Pam are actually not that great of a relationship and they are actually going to get divorced. I don’t want to do that via Twitter or Instagram so if you stick around this is where you can find everything! KAYLEX, THE CINEMATIC HITMAN, AND ADLER all of this to give you: ADLER: THE ADLERIAN BADASS!

I found myself talking about movies to someone again who didn’t care so I was like,

“F this. I’m going to create a blog.” I have so many ideas and thoughts in my head and I don’t know where to put them exactly. I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO BLOG! I’M JUST DOING IT AND HOPING I GET BETTER AT IT!  I produce a show on YouTube called Extraordinary Commentary where my buddies and I talk about comics, movies, and anything that really interests us. But my thoughts can never really be fully developed because we always bounce around different topics. If you’ve stumbled across the show or are familiar with it just imagine this blog as that, but more in-depth. Instead of letting this idea of a blog stay in my head, I’m taking action!



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Owner, Founder, Director, Editor Producer of Kaylex Productions.
Full-Time freelance filmmaker from New Jersey.

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